St. Richard's Prayer List

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Linda Young, Gloria Kirby, Gina Varan, Hector, Terrance, Bob Coll, Maggie Kirby, Val Suarez, Meredith Knapp, Ray Erker, Ted Mekdeci, Hazel Will, Stan Zarolinski, and Ginny Edwards, also, teachers, first responders and military.

And family and friends, Carrie and twin babies Folts, Sarah, Emma, Rachel, Carolyn Bird, Linda Jacobs-Fredrickson, Nancy Kadavy, Kathy Tyler, Lainey Stinson, Trey, and Bill Bogdani.



Last Published: August 5, 2020 2:50 PM
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Sunday Worship, Morning Prayer and Sacred Time
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Sunday services at St. Richard's are transitioning to an onlie Live Streaming format until further notice.

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