Central Florida Medical Debt Relief
NEW! St. Richard's Outreach Effort: Central Florida Medical Debt Relief
The St. Richard’s Outreach Committee met in March and agreed to support St. Richard's taking the lead on a campaign to raise money to retire medical debt for people in need in Central Florida. The Vestry has approved St. Richard's starting this campaign. 

Leslie Poole learned about the organization, RIP Medical Debt, about a year ago from a broadcast on HBO by John Oliver. Medical debt often builds and leads to bankruptcies. 
Bankruptcies, unfortunately, often lead to homelessness. NBC news recently has aired information about the same issue.
Since St. Richard's  is engaged with alleviating homelessness through our Family Promise Program, raising money in the community to retire Medical Debit is a great fit for a new Outreach Effort. 
Here is a link to the John Oliver show (warning: he is a comedian but the topic is serious). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxUAntt1z2c

Recently St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Birmingham, Alabama, put together a fund and it helped relieve more than $7 million debt there.
Here is a news article about it.  https://abc3340.com/news/local/birmingham-church-to-forgive-7-8-million-in-medical-debt-for-families-across-alabama

There is $30.1 million in medical debt in Orange County and another $5.4 million in Seminole County.RIP Medical Debt would be the non-profit agency to administer the funds, buy the debt, and notify recipients that their medical debt is covered.
Here is the website: https://ripmedicaldebt.org

To create a campaign with RIP Medical Debt, we need $15,000 in start-up funds. That covers $1.5 million in medical debt, an amazing “bang” for the buck. Several St. Richard’s parishioners have made that pledge. No money from our current budget will be used to begin the campaign or needed to fund it going forward. It will simply be an invitation to the larger Central Florida community to consider donating to this fund.  
The goal for the fund, but we are thinking $50,000 to be accomplished in 4 months. That would be $5 million in medical debt retired. RIP Medial Debit will run the whole campaign and donors can go directly to their web page to make donations.

Stay tuned for more information. The hope is to extend the campaign to other churches in Central Florida. Every group or individual who gives $10,000 or more would be credited on the letter that goes to the recipient of the debt relief. Privacy laws mean that we won’t know who the recipients,. however, we can ask that they contact us. 
Last Published: April 28, 2020 3:32 PM


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