Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a way of discovering or re-discovering God in the midst of our lives---our struggles, our doubts, our sorrows, our expectations, and our joys.  The “Director” offers a listening ear with love and concern to a “Directee’s” spiritual journey and offers discernment as needed.  The Director is a “Spiritual Friend”, a “soul friend” on his/her own spiritual journey.  The time spent together can be an exchange between peers, but acknowledging that God is very much the ultimate spiritual director.  The Celtic tradition of “soul friend”, anam cara, relies on the mutual journey, helping each other find the path of faith.  However, the exchange is not always mutual.  The directee shares a particular part of his/her faith journey with the director with the expectation that the spiritual director will share personal information only as far as the director discerns it helpful to the directee. The idea of spiritual friendship brings to the relationship the notice that the spiritual director is still very much on his/her own journey.

The spiritual director is neither simply spiritual parent nor spiritual friend.  The director is one who has both some gift for the discernment of the presence of God and has the ability to discern the movement of God in others.

Currently, we have access to many different types of “helping” professionals.  What is so different about Spiritual Direction?  The goal is different, which is to achieve spiritual growth.  Spiritual Directors help directees become more aware of the presence and activity of God in their lives, and to help them respond to that awareness of presence. We cling to the knowledge that “God is”; that God is the Ultimate Reality.  We “know” this through our own experiences and our own faith journeys.  We recognize that God is everywhere, in us, and around us, as close as our breath.  St. Paul reminds us that in God we live and move and have our being.  So God is always where we are and is always at work.  The goal of Spiritual Direction is to become aware of God’s presence and activity and cooperate fully.  As a result, our life and our being are gradually changed.

Contact Tiffany Lane directly for an appointment for Spiritual Direction via email: or phone:  269-274-7537. 

Last Published: October 23, 2017 2:24 PM
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