First Book Selection: Jesus And The Disinherited By Howard Thurman

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All are welcome to join this book club where we will be reading both nonfiction and fiction books related to issues of justice. Selections will be made by the group and discussion leaders may rotate, depending on the composition and size of the group.

First published in 1949, Jesus and the Disinherited is a brilliant and compassionate look at God’s work in our lives. As we struggle today with issues of poverty, racism, and spiritual disengagement, Howard Thurman’s discerning reading of the message of renewal through self-love as exemplified in the life of Jesus resonates powerfully once again.

Challenging our submersion into individual and social isolation, Thurman suggests a reading of the Gospel that recovers a manual of resistance for the poor and disenfranchised. He argues that within Jesus’ life of suffering and pain and overwhelming love is the solution that will prevent our descent into moral nihilism. For although scorned and forced to live outside of society, Jesus advocated a love of self and others that defeats fear and the hatred that decays our souls and the world around us.  

This is an important and influential book whose message helped shape the civil rights movement and changed our nation’s history forever. Thurman’s work reaches past anger and distrust toward a vision of unity – a welcome epistle in the 21st century.

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Welcome to St. Richard's Episcopal Church!
All are welcome at the table of God
Every man woman and child.
For Christ brings peace to all,
Tearing down every hostile wall.
So that the many may become one,
One heart, one family, one new humanity.
For God who is love, and Christ who is all and in all
Show no partiality and make no distinction.
So neither race nor class, gender nor sexuality,
Politics nor religion, personality nor nationality,
Count for us, or against us.
The light of Christ enlightens all:
Christ the prisoner and the naked,
Christ the hungry and the sick,
Christ the thirsty and the stranger,
Christ the other.
May God’s spirit hover over our chaos,
Our hatred and our indifference.
Descend in our hearts with love and pleasure.
Blow us out into the world to listen and serve.
And set us ablaze to forgive and reconcile.
For all are welcome at the table of God,
Every man, woman and child.
Welcome to St. Richard’s Episcopal Church!!! 
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