Prayer Shawls Knit and crochet prayer shawls, baby hats and blankets for local Hospitals.  Also knit hats and scarfs for the retired teachers of Seminole County to give to the homeless children.                                   

Sharon Knapp



Walking   the  mourner's  path


Eight Week Grief Course


Walking the Mourner’s Path Class is offered each year to all those who have experienced the death of a person who was closely related either family or friend. If someone close to you has died either recently or in the past, whether you are struggling or at peace with it, this program is for you.  This eight week grief program involves inviting Jesus to be a part of both the pain and the healing. In the weekly workshops of Walking the Mourner's Path the small group of 4-10 meets weekly and is led by trained facilitators with the assistance of a clergy person.


We follow a workbook with meditations, questions for  reflection and exercises to help heal the grief. This class provides a safe environment to allow for expressing as little or as much needed and is grounded in Prayer.  Participants in a Mourner's Path Group will learn that while their situation and pain is unique they are not alone on the healing journey. Members of the group learn tools for healing and moving forward with their lives. Research has shown that participants in groups with a specific beginning and end that provide tools for learning heal from their grief more quickly than open ended groups without an established course.


The prayer of the group is this: “Together we can do what I cannot do alone."


Pastoral care team  


Love in action providing care and service to parishioners who are sick, hospitalized, homebound or in need of special attention.  Meetings are held every month on the second Tuesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. in the conference room.  "4th Wednesday Brown Bag Lunch & Learn" presentations will feature a different speaker and topic.  The pastoral care office is now open from 11:00am to 3:00pm on Wednesdays in the conference room.  Open door policy.  Gail Hencken will be available to provide resources, listen, and support you in whatever way you may need.  Please come in and say "hello". If interested in Pastoral Care please contact Gail Hencken (                                                                                                      









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