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Pledge Drive Goal $385,070

As of Thursday, January, 21, 2021, we have received 101 pledges, a total of $304,214.00. We have a total Roof Pledge of $32,636.00.

Thank you for being a part of the St. Richard’s Church Community and for your faithful, faith-filled gift to our Pledge Drive Campaign.

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This year has reminded us in many ways of the strength and closeness of the St. Richard’s Church community. Even in the months in which we were physically distant and unable to gather in person, the Spirit kept us knit together. Many in the media or in our society kept referring to our churches as “closed,” but we were never closed — we continued following the Gospel call to live in love with our neighbors, finding ever new ways to seek and serve Christ in all people.

You demonstrated Faith Filled Generosity in 2020 with special gifts to the Technology fund and to the Clergy discretionary fund. We were able to invest $10,000 in a camera system for the worship space. Checks were distributed to 15 different people in the community during the pandemic in the amount of $6500. This speaks to the love we bear for each other and the world around us.

As we look to the year to come, we continue to to be a church on a mission to discover God’s grace change our lives and our world. Our ministry is funded through your gifts — your generous offerings given in grace and love. This year we are asking for every member to take part in Faith Filled Generosity by making a pledge.

The Gospel is rich with examples of how our faith kindles our love for each other and our Christian responsibility to share our love with the world. I invite you and your household to pray and learn, taking these weeks to consider how your generous response to God’s call has been shaped by this community and the friends who gather with you. Thank you for being a part of the St. Richard’s Church Community and for your faithful, faith-filled gift to our Pledge Drive Campaign.

In the spirit of generosity and love,
The Rev. Alison P. Harrity

The COVID 19 pandemic has presented revenue challenges for St. Richard’s in 2021. The YMCA that met in our Parish Hall five days a week and provided $42,000 ($3500 a month) revenue is not coming back. We are constantly looking to replace that revenue with other groups.
Gifts and Pledges: The budget is based on the amount that is pledged. In 2021, the hope is to keep our pledge base strong.

Prepaid Pledges: Pledges can be given before the end of 2020 to be used for 2021 as there is often a tax advantage for the donor. Prepaid pledges are divided by 12 and drawn on through out the year.

Personnel: The largest expense in the budget is personnel. In addition to our full time rector, parish administrator and sexton, we employ the Director of Music and the assistant parish administrator part time. This year we are adding a part time staff position: camera technician to the budget as we are committed to continuing the Live Stream worship. The camera technician is currently budgeted at $75 a week.

Diocesan Support: The temporal oversight for St. Richard’s lies with the Diocese of Central Florida while the spiritual oversight is with the Diocese of Kentucky. We are assessed 12% on our plate and pledge income and are required to pay it according to the Canons of the Diocese of Central Florida. We pay our full assessment each year to remain in good standing with the diocese in which we reside.

Property and Liability Insurance: In 2021 it is necessary for us to contract with a new insurance company as we discovered in 2020 that our property insurance is inadequate to cover most kinds of damage. This will increase our Insurance line item by $12,000. An unfortunate increase.

Added Technology: While we are grateful that donations in 2020 in the amount of $10,000+ enabled us to afford a high definition camera system for the worship space, we expect to incur additional expenses for technology as we continue to live stream and innovate our other educational and fellowship offerings for the online world.

My 2021 Pledge

There are multiple ways to fulfill your pledge.

  1. CASH

with your credit card, debit card, or bank draft. You can make a one time gift or set up a recurring payment. To do this go to our website, and select the Give Online Button, at the top right of the page.

* Required

( ) - ext.

Our fiscal year runs from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Thank you for you generosity and letting your light shine!
REVENUESAnnual Pledge 2021
EXPENSESAnnual Pledge 2021


Roof Loan PNG

St. Richard's has a great expanse of Roof! It's our most prominent physical feature. 
In 2015 we replaced the roof on the worship space and on all the buildings on the property. 
We financed a loan for the roof with Commerce National Bank and Trust at 4% for 15 years. 
We ask all of our members to pledge $20 a month toward paying the roof loan in addition to their pledge. This pays the interest on the loan that we have budgeted for in 2020. 

Thank you for pledging to the operating fund and to the roof loan. If you are looking to make an additional charitable gift in 2021 please consider making a gift to St. Richard's to pay the Roof Loan Principal. Here is what the impact can be:

"Wouldn’t it be great if St. Richard’s Episcopal Church were offered 44% interest on your pledge or gift donation?  Actually, that’s possible. Pledges and gifts made now and designated as “Roof loan principal only” amplify the impact of your giving in two ways without placing any additional burden on you the giver.

1) Gifts designated “Roof loan principal only” avoid St. Richard’s being charged 4% annual interest over the remaining 8 years of the loan. (4% x 8 = 32%)

2) Gifts and pledges designated for “Roof loan principal only” are not taxed by the Diocese of Central Florida at 12%.

To take advantage of these multipliers simply indicate “Roof loan principal only” on the memo line of your check or when giving online."

Worship Schedule

Sunday services at St. Richard's are transitioning to an onlie Live Streaming format until further notice.

  • Sunday Worship, 8:00 & 10:30 a.m.
  • Evening Worship, 5:00 p.m.
  • Morning Prayer, Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m.

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