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The church is the last great inter-generational institution and St. Richard’s reflects and honors that truth with something for  everyone in our main worship service at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday.


One of the ways our worship appeals to our youngest members is the Sermon Box. A simple wooden box with a latch on it is distributed each week to one of the children in the congregation. The only requirement is that the child comes back to church with the box the following week with something in it. The something can be anything that will: 1. Fit in the box 2. Is not gross 3. Is not alive.


The next week at the children’s sermon time, the children gather on the altar steps and Alison Harrity opens the box and attempts to connect whatever is in the box with the readings for the day.


But first, the children talk about what they heard in the readings, what the gospel was about, what Jesus is trying to teach us that week and how their lives are changing because they follow God’s command to love each other as God loves them.


The conversations over the past year have been profound. Children see God in their schools, they extend helping hands to their friends and classmates because of what they learn from Jesus at church. They ask deep questions about good and evil and understand that God is indeed good and loving.


Star Wars figures have been a favorite item for the box. We have gotten stuffed toys, mechanical toys, flowers, the quadratic equation and even a picture of God. It is a time of learning for the whole congregation.


The Children’s Sermon time and the Sermon Box give the children a chance to know that they are not only the church of the future, but they are the church now, they are valuable, they need time to discover God’s grace in our worship as well as in our classrooms, nursery, in our choir room and Parish Hall. The sermon box was on vacation for the summer but will be distributed again starting September 9, 10:30 a.m. in the Church.





Lay Ministers, Lay Readers, Lay Eucharist Visitors                                                                   Christy Woodruff christy.woodruff@siemens.com




Art Pini arthurapini@gmail.com





Serving on the Altar Guild is a spiritual exercise. Caring for the Altar is a way to act out our relationship with God. It is quiet, prayerful work. Mary Nan Johnson marynan309@aol.com






























Flower Guild  Arrange flowers to the glory of God for the High altar and chapel altar.              Marleen Kvalheim mokvalheim@cfl.rr.com


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Hosts  Greet the people and pass out new comer packets to our visitors.   

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