"The kingdom of God is like..." What the kingdom of God was like existed for me in parables and abstractions until my ministry began at St. Richard's in 2011. Read More
Rector Emeritus
Fr. Tom holds M.A. degrees in church history, theology and education (from Notre Dame), and a doctorate in adult spirituality from the Graduate Theological Union at Berkeley. Read More
I am a fifth generation Floridian, a fourth generation educator, third generation college educator. My great grandparents were named Reed and Wright so I guess it was fate that I would end up a teacher. Read More
The Rev. Dr. A. Dale Truscott is a native of Dayton, Ohio. He graduated from Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH and Hamma School of Theology. Read More
Deacon Rich is from the Metro East St. Louis area, on the Illinois side of the Mississippi. He is married to Kathie and they have a blended family of 9 children and 14 grandchildren. Read More
Director of Music & Organist
Since 2013, Dr. Carl MaultsBy, has served as the St. Richard's Director of Music/Organist where he leads the Schola of St. Richard's and the St. Richard's Youth Ensemble as well as oversees the St. Richard's Handbell Ringers. Read More

Dr. Carl MaultsBy - Director of Music
Cindy Borr - Admin. Assistant
Sarah Martin - Book Keeper
David Kellogg - Assistant Book Keeper
Nadine Far and Lina Far - Nursery Care
Scott Schuerman - Sexton


Bev Coll (Senior Warden)
Susan Sommers (Junior Warden)
Seth Elsheimer
Kay Wolf
Irv Lipscomb
Pam Menke
Sandy North
Jim Christoph
Chris Giacomino
Lary Youngsteadt
Angie Fox
Bonnie Danner
Kathie Wilson (Treasurer)
Stephen O’Connell  (Secretary)